Project description

I worked at TAXI advertising agency in downtown Toronto for a little over 2 years. This experience was invaluable and taught me most everything I know today, thanks to the hardworking teams and clients that were present at the time. I had worked as a dedicated Telus account designer and junior Art Director. I worked with the retail marketing team, helping design multi-media retail materials for store environments across Canada.

I later had the opportunity to develop numerous short-term-in-market (STIM) campaigns and pitch several idea's for larger projects and initiatives.

Experience included:
- Retail design (digital merchandise, print collateral, POP display, storefront window, etc.)
- Out-of-home (billboard, cab toppers, transit shelter, subway and bus ads)
- Print Advertising (newspaper, magazine, various partnership publications)
- Online (Banner ads, social promo, quick response campaigns)

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