Project description

When your business becomes amalgamating three independent clinics into one seamless, ready-to-franchise brand, everyone needs to get involved from every level of the organization. With the leadership of Peter Widdis, experienced brand marketing consultant and George Brown professor and myself, we hosted several all-staff brand workshops. This helped develop the brands vision; transition staff away from old practices and train them on new ones.

Once I had developed the new branding, the team and I got to work on building the website. Then I had designed and managed all retail print materials for three clinic locations across the Greater Toronto Area. After that, we set up Healtopia's digital marketing operations and social channels for all locations. From that point we were ready to launch Healtopia's online presence using several search-based and social tactics.

Our tenure with Healtopia lasted roughly two years. Credit to the following for their involvement:

Peter Widdis - Brand Creator / Consultant
Alex Fox - Website Development
Steven Kiser - Copywriter
Proven Advertising - Digital Marketing Op's /  Social Media
Clockwork Productions - Signage Printing + Installation


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